New Year Larger Projects

20 Apr 2007

So last time I wrote an entree I was in the middle of a very large project at work. It was pretty big... big enough to end up in Wired magazine. It was weird seeing my work as a published article in a magazine I normally read. The success of this of course led to larger projects which have kept we working 12+ hour days at work. The whole life/work balance has really been off. Thankfully, I have a partner who understands -- I love what I do. I've also been busy working on a museum exhibit. Hard to believe. I helped design and build a museum exhibit. I'm also exploring some serious media encoding thanks to my new Apple TV. Which spawned me starting up a small on the side software business. We'll have to see where it goes from here. Lately I've been doing some traveling. A definite change of pace.

All in all life is good. Now if only I could get my ToDo list a little smaller.

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