Last Test and Days of Class

14 Nov 2007

C++ Programming

Monday: Covered chapter 16 and some of 17. I only want to you focus on simple try catch like pg960. I assigned pg1017p14 (try and code it)

Wednesday: We will cover chapter 17 and 18 next class (Nov 19). We will review that day also and again on Nov 21. On Nov 26th we take a small test over chapters 16-18. Note the programming part will cover pg960, basic recursion functions (like pg989, 997, factorials), pg1287-1292. There is no need to do or learn your own linked list code when there is already one in the STL. See appendix H for the data structures this is what you should know. We no longer write these from scratch in the industry and it's important that you use what is built in at this point. In short read the chapters for the multiple choice and only worry about page numbers mention above for the programming part.


Monday: We had to cut the class short due to a work problem. Thanks for your understanding. We went over a little bit of chapter 11. I assigned pg825p7.

Wednesday: We will go over some more of this today (Nov 14) and do a little bit of chapter 12. You only need to study chapters 11 and 12 for the next test. You should know how to program basic recursion and a small frame example. Nov 19 we will finish chapter 12 and do some reviewing. Wednesday is also a review day. We will take test 3 over 11 and 12 on Nov 26.


The rest of the class days (3 I think) will be spent turning in work and finishing your project. Very important you try and complete these projects.

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