Wednesday Jan, 31

31 Jan 2007

Discussed semester project. Question asked about homework from chapter 2. Part 'm' of the problem you can just copy and paste your program twice to run the two tests. We went over chapter 3. I assigned 'pg165p4'. 'pg165p8' is optional, as in I will grade it but it will not be counted in the grade book.

Some of you are having problems with Visual C++ quiting the dialog box before you can see it. Try this:

char cInput = ' ';
cout < < "Please enter a letter and press enter to quit...";
cin >> cInput;

Or something similar.

Be sure to use the code guidelines. Remember all assignments are due the last day of class before the final by midnight.

I also have created a page to cover the final project details. Please see the side bar for the link.

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