Spring 2014 - C++ Intro

23 Jan 2014

We went over the weather number for calling in case of class cancellation. 210-485-0189 Also how to drive in bad weather. We went over the basics of what to do in case of an active shooter.

We discussed the project being a 'mini' version of the Sims. AKA MicroSims.

We went over the visual studio compiler and specifically covered how to compile your programs (crmchp0ex1 crmchp0ex2) and turn them in. You may need to delete the debug or release folder before you are able to submit them.

If you need the compiler please get a student copy here: https://www.dreamspark.com/Student/

I assigned homework where I want you to write a program that outputs your name, email address and favorite web site.

We also discussed the blog and how to find assignments as well as followed up on the following areas:

{"display_name"=>"chris", "login"=>"chris", "email"=>"crmacd@gmail.com", "url"=>"http://www.crmacd.com"}