"No good deed goes unpunished" or how I got hit by a car...

06 Jan 2009

So this morning I wake at about 5:30 AM to the rain outside. In the back of my mind I'm thinking I'll sleep in and wait for the accidents to die down. Around 8 AM my wife walks in and suggests I wait to go into work there are accidents up and down I35. Around 9 AM I start to head into work I'm not but 3 minutes into my drive to work when I run across a truck that is backwards facing traffic with no one there to assist. As I drive by I notice the guy seems a little dazed. So I park my car far enough away and begin walking to his car. Being pretty careful as the other drivers just fly past. I ask the guy if he's OK and if he needs assistance. He says he's OK but still seems a little shaken. He gets out of his car and almost gets hit. I suggest he get back into his car and I'll call for help. [Diagram: Car Accident Before] I call the Universal City police department directly (it's on my speed dial). They say it's out of their area. I am then forwarded to what I'm told is '911 dispatch' who says it's out of their area and that I have to call Live Oak. (FYI for someone here in San Antonio in charge of the police departments this has got to stop this is the third time I've been told it's "out of our area" and the situation goes from bad to worse.) She proceeds to give me a number instead of forwarding me. I start dialing the number, walking back to my car, as I watch another accident unfold on the access road to I35 below. It's then that I hang up and start dialing 911. It's right at that time that a small car (blue in the pictures) coming from 1604 hits the front of the truck (red in the pictures). I remember the truck in the right hand lane didn't yield (green in the pictures). [Car Accident During] The truck starts moving back towards me. Then another car runs into her from behind and causes the truck to hit me. At that same time the other car (the one that hit the truck first) is smashed and pushed into the other lane in front of the truck (green) that didn't yield. So when it was all said and done. I ended up hanging off the back of the truck. With my right side aching and my knee banged up pretty bad. I hopped back to my car just in case another car came and realized my cell phone was missing. At this point everyone was out of their cars asking if everyone was OK. Traffic had stopped. I proceeded to look for my cell phone to call 911. I found it in the back of the truck (red). I headed to the girl in the first car who is now adjacent to where I was standing. She was banged up pretty bad. [Car Accident After] Before I could dial 911 a cop showed up. EMS showed up a few minutes after. I made some phone calls. After getting my information and getting the OK from the EMS on scene I drove myself to the hospital. After a few X-rays and some CAT scans nothing is broken. So all in all the lesson learned is "No good deed goes unpunished". :-)

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