Impressionable Brick...

19 Mar 2010

I recently had a LEGO friend who was looking for a home for her LEGO. I sadly yesterday picked it up from her house and brought it home. As I was unloading the car I saw the pieces and parts to various models she had build over the years. I had to admit it was a weird sad feeling for me to 'assimilate' someone's collection into mine. Today I sit here eager to get home and play with my new 'toys'. Out of the blue today Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo post this great article about childhood memories ( After reading this "Underneath all that there's a primal connection, something that makes everyone tune into the childhoods when they see the bricks, and get back into brighter, careless moments, even at the subconscious levels." I got a little coughed up because I instantly was reminded of why I joined TexLUG and why I travel all over the state. It's to watch parents and kids light up when they see what they can build with LEGO. I know in that instant 'everyone is a kid at heart' that 'simple carefree' times are remembered. The parents are exactly on the same level with their kids. The best is when a parent sits down and starts building with their kids and ends up spending hours in the event kit pool ( I also like it when a kid sees the pool and makes a dive into it. It's that childhood innocents that is slowly changing.

Studies are showing the value of family game nights and dinners have a profound impact on family relationships. I'm glad to say at least the boys and I have that to share for years to come. A perfect example was this morning I brought a motorized dinosaur to the breakfast table and we played with it before breakfast was ready. Daniel was mesmerized and Sean wanted to control it. These memories are what I get share with my kids. The thrill of the LEGO room! I can't wait until they get older it's only going to get better from here.

Keep childhood alive play and spend time with your kids.

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