Full Circle Web Browsing #1

26 Jun 2009

I was looking at the latest news about what is going on and was reading about Nada. I happened to glance and read something about maskups. It was related to this picture on Wired about artist called Girl Talk. While looking for the music on YouTube I kept getting the standard maintenance message. This lead me to twitter to see if there was any 'buzz' about it being down. I glanced and the friend feed and since I've met and I used to read Robert Scoble who now works at Rackspace where I used to work. This lead me to Traveling Geeks. Followed by not recognizing the geek behind Pop17. Finally leads me to these great photos by Dina Goldstein called Fallen Princesses. I find the last image with Jasmine really striking considering what is currently going on. It's interesting the mashups and cross linking can lead us to in this tangled thing we called the world wide web.

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