09 Jun 2004

I find this blogging to be rather interesting. I would like to take this post to express a quick look at what it has done to the online community.

First off I have noticed a lot of people or reading and actually creating communities of religious (almost) followers to sites. I have to admit that Eric Meyer does an excellent job of explaining CSS and other online technologies. I find myself at least spending 5 - 10 minutes on the site everyday looking up CSS, or reading some his latest observations. This strange occurrence of followers is a kind of new/old devotion. I can remember when people would devote themselves to certain BBS and in the attempt to access to 'hidden' areas of the system.

Second, I can not help but talk about freedoms of expression and speech. Personally, I find it fascinating to see the level of self editing that goes on. I was quite surprised to see lots of personal information on certain sites which tend to for the most part be reserved in their writing. I'm still trying to figure out why this is.

Third, topics of discussion are just random! I can't believe peoples postings sometimes. I realize that this last sentence could come back to haunt me but, oh well. I've learned more about the dynamics of people and what their hobbies and interests are by reading various blogs. I consider this random topic occurrence to be all part of the chaos theory but, only time will tell.
Conclusions to be drawn at a later time...

Well the following was just something I was thinking about off the top of my head. I figured I would use this blog as a sort of journal and collection of random thoughts so we see what it grows into.

Programming: Today I'm attempting to get a PHP/XHTML form to post to itself until the users entities are completely validated. Once, validated I want the application to POST the (validated POST values) to another URL. We shall see where it goes from here. JS or Sockets that is the question. I've been trying to use the comments to build something but nothing seems to work. Back to the drawing board. We shall have to see what I come up with to solve this problem. In the mean time if anyone has a working online example please contact me.