Rant II

16 Sep 2004

Note: In response to a PHP discussion in a wiki.

Please consider the follow:

There are certain programming languages created to serve certain purposes. Just as there are certain color, styles, and types of automobiles to suit your personal needs. Programming languages are designed for purposes determined by the creator to solve their (not necessarily your) problems. Many times they create features not addressed in other languages. Often times they mimic the behavior of other languages they like.

If type checking is what you want use a language that has it. We as programmers should not complain about this language not having this feature, and this other language not having this feature. I believe, and this is my own opinion, we should concentrate on using the right programming language for the right task at hand. We are the intelligent nerds, which pride ourselves on our capabilities and pure ingenuity when it comes to solving complex problems. So quit flaming and complaining and start acting like mature professional programmers and show the world what your capable of.

The best way I can compare the right language to the right job would be like a woodshop craftsman using the right type of chisel for the detailing. You could use any one you want, we use whatever IDE suites our fancy and if we do not find one we like we can always make our own. Just a like a craftsman would. Programming is a skill, and just like any skill it takes time and patients to learn the right tool to use for the right job.

The best examples I can give are programs that use several languages. These programs use each language where it is best suited by using the most ǃÚefficientǃ٠syntax were it is needed. Kernels are a common example of this.

I call on all programmers out there to learn as much as possible about as many languages as possible. This way you will be able to decide what programming language to use for the job, and not waste your time and our time complaining that X language does not have Y feature.

In short use the language that is best suited for ǃÚyourǃ٠problem!