Side Effects...

13 Oct 2006

Been a little busy with life in general. Work, work, work, LEGO user group, and such. I have started to notice I do not code as nearly as often as I used to. I miss it.

As a side effect I've begun to question decisions made in the past. We all do it. We wonder if we ever really learned from our mistakes. I can safely say I have learned from most.

As a result of the project we embarked on at work. I have noticed others around me get... well tired. The quality of product our team used to put out has changed.

I noticed that the more and more our LEGO user group does the more and more opportunities present themselves. We are going to do a very cool museum activity - display next year. Makes we wonder where the lines need to be drawn. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

I recently questioned a decision I made in college - not to take a job as a faculty member. I still kick myself. I know I would have my Ph.D. by now. Now I do not know when that will ever happen.

I just do not know where things are headed and right now... I am just not comfortable with the side effects.