19 Sep 2004

My boss called me at home around 9:35 PM CST Sat Sept 18, 2004. It seems Chris was in an accident on the lake. At first I thought this was a joke (cruel I know). But, then when he repeated himself I slowly let it sink in. My co-worker is dead. I find it kind of hard to believe the guy I hung out with every weekday is gone.

Chris was a great man and will greatly be missed. He was a full time employee, small business owner, and a family man. Which brings me to the more important manner family. Chris leaves behind a wife and two children who from this day forward will never be the same. I feel so hopeless you want to reach out but can not find anything that you know of that will help. Even as I type this I find myself choking up physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My co-worker/good friend is dead. I do not know what to do. The company I work for is small, about 20 employees, and to lose the network guy is huge. The good news is that I'll be spending more time at work. I guess my educational background is about to pay off. My boss also mentioned he would be leaning heavily on me to get things up and running. This should be loads of fun. But, for the few minutes tonight I as think about work and how things will be very different. I keep focusing back (and where my mind should be) on the family Chris left behind.

Chris left behind his little daughter that was just a ray of sunshine in his life. His son is into computer just like his dad and spent hours helping his dad build his characters up. It's just interesting to see how things are going to change for them.

I really don't have any details as to how he died other than in a jet-ski accident. My co-worker is dead. I wonder if the children saw their father during those critical minutes. Was he trying to save one of them. The questions go on and on in your mind. You just can not help but wonder.

Only time will tell the tale... and only fate will write it.

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